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While we’re on the subject of weddings – here’s another gorgeous Robe wedding – Soraya and Eli.

Now, since I’ve just delivered their exquisite, hand-crafted, leather-bound wedding album to them, I don’t have to keep it under wraps any longer – so I can show it to you!  (Just keep it under your hat though, otherwise I’m pretty sure that everyone will be wanting one).

Soraya and Eli exchanged their vows on Hooper’s Beach in an intimate sunset ceremony with family and close friends gathering to witness the love.

They stood, barefoot on the sand around a circle of flickering candles, gentle waves breaking rythmically onto the shore, as they watched Soraya and Eli make their commitment to each other.

And then, just when you thought the scene couldn’t be more breathtaking, that big old sun timed things perfectly, by sinking slowly down over the horizon as the loved up couple exchanged rings.

Aaah, no doubt about you Robe – you sure know how to turn it on when you want to.


Eli pulled off that really cool, surfer dude look.  Because he really is a cool surfer dude.


The boys all scrubbed up pretty well, to tell you the truth.


However, there may have been a few high jinks involved at some time during preparations.  Involving a tandem bicycle.


That dress . . . . .


Those flowers . . . . .


And Soraya was all bohemian, flower-child chic.


And butter surely wouldn’t melt in this little poppet’s mouth . . . . . .



That perfect ceremony with the perfect sunset, including jet trails in the sky.




Candles in the sand and dream catchers at dusk.


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